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Password for Windows Messenger

Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery

Instant Windows Messenger password restoring

When you may need our password recovery tool

If you are a Windows Messenger user and your instant messenger (IM) login data have been saved on your PC, the messenger will log in automatically each time you turn on your computer.

When you are using the same PC it doesn't matter if you may be do not remember your IM password anymore but if you wish to sign-into your Windows Messenger account on another machine it turns into big problem. Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery is just what you need then!

Our solutions to restore Windows Messenger password

Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery is a program to expose login username and password information (stored locally) instantly and 100% correct regardless of password length or Windows Messenger version. Multilingual passwords are supported.

Program recovers stored login information (when the "Remember my Password" tickbox is checked in the messenger) for the current computer user. So it cannot be used to crack somebody else passwords remotely!

Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery works in a fully automatic mode

Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery screenshot:

Windows Messenger password

Remember that only your own passwords (stored on your computer) can be recovered.

More information about Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery you can find in Brief manual


As the the difference between such Microsoft applications as MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger is very inessential, we would recommend that you download Atomic MSN Password Recovery trial (especially when MSN Password Recovery window tells that 'Application not found') to check what Atomic password recovery tool will work with your Microsoft instant messenger application.

You can read What's the difference between MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger? article for more details.


Other IM password recovery tools

If you are using IM software other than Windows Messenger we can offer you 6 more the most popular instant messengers or IM clients password recovery tools:

Trial version limitations

It is always a good idea to try before you buy and make certain that our software fits your requirements.

Trial period is endless. Unregistered (trial) version shows found password symbols replaced with '*'. To get your password unmasked you should register your copy. Click on the 'Buy a full version' below to purchase a registration key.


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