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2017-10-19: Обновленная версия Atomic Rar Password Recovery уже на сайте

2017-09-26: Взламывайте Zip пароли вместе с обновлённой AtomicZPR

2017-08-03: Проект APASSCRACKER обновил паролеломалки для Microsoft Excel/Word

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Affiliate program

If you have a web site, you can start earn money by selling Atomic password recovery programs. Using the Atomic product links, you earn commissions up to 40% on any products sold as a result of your link from your website or newsletters to www.apasscracker.com! It's easy and it's free to join!

Our affiliate program is managed by RegNow Affiliate Network. Signing up now, you are starting to resell Atomic software and also may choose some thousand other programs.

Why join

For each sale of any Atomic product that occurs through you, you will earn referral fees up to 40%. To begin selling, all you really need to do is to display a product's Buy Now link on your web site you within your newsletters. That is at least $8.95 to you for each sale simply by placing that product's Buy Now link.

Getting started

To get started, simply click here to sign up. Signing up is easy and free. After registration, you'll receive instructions on how to access your own real-time reporting pages so that you can see your account balance anytime. From these pages, you will be able to add and remove products you wish to sell.

If you already have an affiliate account at RegNow, then log into RegNow Control Panel and find our programs in Product Finder -> Name Search menu by entering into the search box the below IDs or products' names:

  • 3305-21 (Atomic VBA Password Cracker)
  • 3305-14 (Atomic Word Password Cracker)
  • 3305-13 (Atomic Excel Password Cracker)
  • 3305-16 (Atomic Outlook Password Cracker)
  • 3305-17 (Atomic ZIP Password Cracker)
  • 3305-15 (Atomic RAR Password Cracker)
  • 3305-11 (Atomic PDF Password Cracker)
  • 3305-12 (Atomic PST Password Cracker)
  • 3305-18 (Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery)
  • 3305-19 (Atomic IE Password Cracker)
  • 3305-20 (Atomic Astirisk Recovery)

You can sit back, watch the sales come in, and receive your commission checks. RegNow will send you a check every month.

If you still have any questions, please contact us and we'll help you to set up your affiliate site and start make money by advertising and reselling Atomic software.


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