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6 IM password recovery tools - NEW!

We are proud to annoce the fist edition of 6 brand-new Atomic password recovery tools designed to recover the 6 the most popular instant messengers and IM clients.

These IM password recovery software tools are instant and 100% correct! But they can be used to crack only your own forgotten IM passwords - saved and stored on your computer under your own compluter user name (usually when the 'Remember my Password' tickbox is checked in the messenger). 

The following Atomic IM password recovery tools will help you to extract from your system and decrypt the forgotten and hidden behind asterisks IM password when you need to login into your Messenger account on another machine.

Instant messengers and proper Atomic password recovery software: 

  1. All instant messengers supported in Miranda IM client  - Atomic Miranda Password Recovery ($15.85)
  2. All Instant messengers supported in Trillian chat client - Atomic Trillian Password Recovery ($15.85)
  3. Windows Messenger - Atomic Windows Messenger Password Recovery ($15.85)
  4. MSN Messenger - Atomic MSN Messenger Password Recovery ($15.85)
  5. Google Talk -  Atomic Google Talk Password Recovery ($15.85)
  6. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) - Atomic AIM Password Recovery  ($15.85)

The programs are very simple to use and work in a fully automatic mode. You are not required to be a password recovery professional and make it through a lengthy configuration process!

Just launch our software, make a few mouse clicks and get all necessary information about your instant messenger account including password.

Publication date: 2007-02-22

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