Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

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Dictionary attack - ZIP password

In the dictionary attack Atomic ZIP Password Recovery checks all suggested words and tries to open the ZIP file.

If you wish to use this mode, you need choose the corresponding option in the first step when you choose the file for the password recovery (see details here).

After you choose this option, the following screen will appear:

Dictionary password attack

Here you need specify the dictionaries for the password search. Some basic free dictionaries can be downloaded on our site in Dictionaries section.

To make the search deeper you may use the passwords modifications:

As is - no any changes in original words.

lower & UPPER - two new passwords will be checked. For example, if the suggested word in dictionary is 'AtomPark' then the program will check 'atompark' and 'ATOMPARK'.

AlL cOMbiNNtionS - all possible combinations of each suggested password will be checked. For example, if the base word is 'AtomPark', AZPR will check 'atomparK', 'atompaRk', 'atompaRK', etc...

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