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Using the Atomic Mailbox Password Recovery

Operating program

The program is a dialog window that works in four simple steps.

    1. Introduction;
    2. Recovering the password.


Introduction is the first step of interaction between you and the program. During introduction the program offers you to read general information about the process of recovering the lost password. In order to proceed to the next step, you have to press the Next button, located in the lower part of the application.

Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker screenshot


Recovering the password

The first step here is to select your e-mail client. Current version of AMPR supports the automatic password recovering of the following software:

    1. Outlook
    2. Outlook Express
    3. Eudora
    4. The Bat!
    5. Mozilla
    6. Netscape Mail

The option Other mail program can help in restoring the passwords from all other types of email software.

Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker screenshot

If your email program is listed in the supported programs window, simply click Next to see your password.

Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker screenshot

Otherwise you need make some actions in your e-mail client:

    1. Launch your e-mail program
    2. Open properties of the mailbox that you lost password to.
    3. In the mail server list, enter or or localhost. It is best you save the initial settings first as a text file, for example, as you will need them again.
    4. Save the changed settings and close the window.
    5. Check the mailbox after changing the settings (this step and the next one can be done later, after starting the fourth stage.
    6. Do not forget to restore previous settings.

After finishing setup, press the Next button. To return a step back, press Back.

 Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker screenshot

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