Atomic Excel Password Recovery

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Recovering Excel password

Operating program

The program is a dialog window that works in four simple steps.

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing of file and mode
  3. Choosing of password search settings
  4. Display the information of current work and results


Introduction is the first step of interaction between you and the program. During introduction the program offers you to read general information about the process of recovering the lost password. In order to proceed to the next step, you have to press the Next button, located in the lower part of the application.

Excel Password open wizard


Choosing of the .xls file and password recovery mode

On this stage you have to choose Microsoft Excel document file and password searching mode. To choose a file press button open, then with the help of the opened explorer window select the necessary file and push the button Open.

The program will check the file and display its encryption type. To set the password recovering mode you have to check the corresponding radio-button. If the encryption type is XOR, you must have Microsoft Excel application correctly installed, and the first mode is strongly recommended, if available.

If the encryption type is RC4 (common), you may choose the first mode. It guarantees decryption if file is not damaged, but it will not provide password: it will create decrypted file like "My documents\AtomPark\AXPR-decrypted\00012.doc". Choosing the second mode may help, if you remember much information about the password. To go to the next stage press Next.
Atomic Excel Password Recovery

If the first mode is set, the program jumps to stage 4 automatically.

Choosing password search settings (displayed only if the second mode is set)

On this stage you can change the search settings manually:

    1. Password recovery alphabet: here you can specify the symbol set that is a base for search. Choose and check the boxes of corresponding necessary symbols or specify the symbols using User defined field.

    2. Password length: the choosing of minimal and maximal password length. (In some cases the program may determine the exact length of the password and this selection is grayed-out.)

    3. In Start search from and Finish at you can specify the starting and ending passwords to check. By default, AXPR starts from aaaaa and finishes at zzzzz, but you can limit it or increase the password recovery time.

When the parameters are set press Next to start the password recovery. To return a step back, press Back.

 Searching for Excel password

Display the information of current work and results

On this stage you can monitor the program's work and get the final report. During the program work the information of time spent and approximate search time left for password finding (according to the parameters set) is displayed on the monitor. If the program is successfully done the password for your Excel document is displayed in Password field.

Word password is found

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