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Using the Atomic PDF Password Recovery

Operating program

The program is a dialog window that works in four simple steps.

    1. Introduction;
    2. Selecting PDF files;
    3. Enter a password to open a file (if any);
    4. Result of work.


Introduction is the first step of interaction between you and the program. During introduction the program offers you to read general information about the process of recovering the lost password. In order to proceed to the next step, you have to press the Next button, located in the lower part of the application.

Atomic PDF Password Recovery


Selecting PDF files.

When you click the Next button, you should specify path to the PDF file you want to process and also the name and path of the PDF file where the result of the program’s work will be saved. After you specify paths to files, click Next.

Atomic PDF Password Cracker screenshot

Enter a password to open a file (if any)

Our program doesn't help to remove the password for opening from a file. The program will only lift restrictions imposed by the Permissions password. If both the password to open and the Permissions password are used for the file, you should enter the password for opening when the program asks to do so.

After finishing setup, press the Next button. To return a step back, press Back.

 Atomic PDF Password Cracker screenshot

If you don't know the password for opening, our program will not be able to lift restrictions imposed by the Permissions password.

Result of restrictions removal

As a result, you'll get a PDF file without any restrictions for editing. You can open the file immediately by clicking the Open file... button.

Atomic PDF Password Cracker screenshot

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